NEST Community Governance Roadmap

Phase 1: Research and Development | Core permissions: NestCore team

This phase of the NEST project is in the research and development phase, and continuous system and product tuning and optimization requires the NestCore team to operate efficiently, develop the infrastructure and system architecture required for the NEST project, and products and services that can be commercialized at scale. At this stage, the NestCore team has the high authority to adjust and upgrade nest projects.

Phase 2: Expansion Phases Core permissions: Super nodes

This phase of the NEST infrastructure has been determined, the NestCore team rights are transferred to the supernode, and the upgrade and expansion of the NEST system is in an orderly phase. Each system upgrade or parameter adjustment requires a supernode vote, and the NestCore team becomes an performer.

Phase 3: Stability Phases Core permissions: Community and Super nodes

After a period of smooth operation of the NEST ecosystem, NEST will enter the decentralized community governance phase. This phase decentralizes rights to each NEST eco-participant, with community voting as the main, super node voting as a supplement (general lying emergency response) way of upgrading the NEST project, to achieve a true sense of decentralized community governance

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